* Cue Will Smith Miami Song*

Miami and I go way back. I used to go to South Beach with my family every summer for like 6 years straight. Give my dad South Beach, people watching and good food and he’s happy as a clam. I’ve experienced Miami in many different ways; the family trips, the post college grad life and now in my late 20s. It’ such a vibe. With the fam, I usually stayed in South Beach. This time we stayed in Miami Beach. I would recommend breaking up the trip, if possible to experience it all. Keep reading to see my top recommendations on where to eat and what to do in Miami!






Rent a yacht - Perfect for a large group! Hear me out, when the trip was being planned I wasn’t sold on the yacht but now that we did it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They allow you to bring on any food and drinks. We were on the yacht for a full 8 hours so it was a full day of festivities. Definitely recommend if you’re with a big group. It was 12 of us.

Wynwood - Known for its colorful murals. You can also find lots of restaurants and boutiques. Perfect for exploring!

Versace House - no explanation needed

The Pilates Place - Highly recommend this studio. It was kind of a whole in the wall and a little hard to find but it kicked my a**. I also recommend getting in a workout right when you land to fight any jet lag.

JetSet Pilates - If you’re into lagree, I highly recommend JetSet. It’s basically pilates x10. One of Miami’s most popular studios.





We stayed at the Faena and it was INSANE. Location was perfect. We did Uber/Lyft everywhere (hello heels) but it was never more than a 10 min drive. The hotel was filled with red and gold and it was such a vibe. The friendliest staff, I have to say.

Let’s discuss what the Faena is really know for; their spa AKA The Healing House (yes, they call it that and it makes perfect sense). The Tierra Santa Healing House is a 22,000 Sq ft sanctuary. I didn’t have time to get a treatment done but we did visit the spa to experience the hammams, steam room, sauna, cold. The space and was so magical and I felt like I was in a different country completely. spa was completely enclosed and the attention to detail was amazing. By staying at the Faena you have complete access to the spa. Just the spa made staying at the Faena worth it. + from July 1st- September 30th is Miami spa month(s) so you can get some great deals for major spa services that would usually cost $$$.




Get in a workout right when you land. It really fights the jet lag.

I booked Glamsquad for Friday night. They come to you and do your hair and/or makeup so literally all you have to do is think about what to wear. It really allowed me to do the bare minimum while on vacation. I was obsessed with how they did my hair and make up (see below). Make sure to show them a picture instead of telling them what you want. This is the best way to make sure you love the final result. Use the code aberneman1709 to get $25 off.