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ARielle at Sweat in SD

I'm Arielle, creator of Sweat in SD; a fitness, wellness, and lifestyle brand. 

I'm a New Yorker at heart living that sunny SoCal life in San Diego, a skincare product junkie, a french fries addict and a wannabe jet-setter (aren't we all). 

Sweat in SD started from a random idea of wanting to share local fitness happenings around San Diego. Soon after, instead of just sharing events, I wanted to create my own events. I began partnering with fitness studios around San Diego. I loved the idea of having full creative control over my events. I wanted the best venue, the best instructors, and the best community attending my events.  Eight events, 300 attendees later and the feeling I get from the community we've built never gets old. 

Sweat in SD continues to share the love of fitness by reviewing fitness studios around San Diego. Let's be real, life gets crazy. Nobody should be wasting their time or money on workouts they don't love. I believe there's a workout for everyone and I'm here to share the honest truth about them all so you can find your favorites even faster. 

My love for fitness, wellness, skincare, beauty and everyday life is everything Sweat in SD stands for. My goal is to show you can do it all and live a very healthy, balanced life all with a spicy margarita in hand.