The One with the Pop Up

Friends, my nightly night cap is coming to life for the 25th Anniversary and I still can’t get over it! I had plans on surprising my dad in New York for his birthday and it happened to be during this time. I decided to hold off on buying tickets till later on and big mistake, they sold out in literally 4 hours.

Well, long story short, I signed up for their email list with hopes they would release more tickets & they did! Seven days before my trip, I received an email that a limited number of tickets were being released to certain amount of subscribers. I clicked faster than I clicked anything before and bought two tickets for a morning time slot.

Check out the full video of the Friends 25th Anniversary Pop Up HERE!




You see pictures on Instagram but you don’t really know till you experience it for yourself. My mother and I went in for the 9:40AM time slot. When you first walk in everyone is beyond happy and extra. They do a little Friends trivia to get everyone excited. It’s worth noting that everyone working there was VERY excited and happy to be there (even if they took 39413959 pictures of random people a day).

The entire pop up was insta-worthy. They clearly thought this through. There are seven photo stations from the most iconic moments in the show; front of the fountain, Monica’s turkey head, the infamous purple apartment door, pivot Ross’ white sofa, actually sit in a replica of Central Perk, of course, & more!



Each cast member had their own room and actual props from the show. Joey & Chandler’s section takes you into their apartment with the infamous Lazy Boy’s & TV lives, Rachel’s room shows all her hairstyles throughout the years, Monica’s room has cleaning supplies and a turkey where you can place it over your head for a install worthy shot. I even did the dance, yep. Ross’ room has some artifacts; and Phoebe’s room has her artwork. Remember blah blah? Even more frightening in person.

The pop-up ends at Central Perk where you can sit on the couch and take photos. They have an actual cafe so you can grab coffee and pastries on your way out. The merch store is located at the very end of the pop-up and is opened to the public till October 9th. The most epic pop-up!





Made it to the happiest place in America! San Luis Obispo has been at the top of my list for some time now. I have a thing for cute, quant towns. There’s just something about going to a small town after living in such big cities your whole life. Loved everything about SLO. The vibe, the architect, the food, and the people. Head to my SLO highlight HERE to see even more of our trip.


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We stayed at the famous Madonna Inn. Which is a must at least once in your life! Open since 1958, Madonna Inn has 110 unique rooms and when I say unique, I mean unique. Each room has it’s own theme, and I’m very into it. It’s quirky, it’s fun and it’s very extra. We stayed in the “Barrel of Fun” room, which features it’s own entryway and balcony, sequin walls, and a rock bathroom and shower. Check out our full room tour HERE! It’s EPIC. The hotel also has a stunning pool and easy to access hiking trails at Madonna Mountain.

It’s more than just a hotel. They have several dining & bar options. Gold Rush Steak House features pink circle booths and chandeliers and really fits into that “extra” vibe. There’s even a hotel room exact to this design! We also had breakfast at the Copper Cafe and couldn’t leave the hotel without trying the infamous bakery. The Pink Champaign cake is famous but while we were on line, we were told the Toffee Crunch is the best one. We opted for both and they did not disappoint!



lap floral dress / urban outfitters belt / gold hoops / gorjana coin necklace / gorjana solitaire necklace / bucket bag

We went for a long weekend and let’s just say that wasn’t even close to enough time. I’ll include some recs we had the pleasure of trying and some recs from the @sweatinsd fam.

Granada Hotel and Bistro: the first night we went to visit some friends that were staying at the Granada Hotel downtown. We had a drink at the bar next door and then went to eat at the restaurant. The menu is small but oh so good. We had the Jidori Chicken, Steak & Frites and Maitake Ravioli but we heard the menu changes often. They also had half off wines under $100 on Wednesday’s!

Farmhouse Corner Market: literally every corner of this place is instagrammable. It’s a restaurant & organic market that features so many local brands. We had the Chiliquiles & Ahi Bowl and they were bomb! They also had many gluten free options in their menu & bakery. It’s definitely more than just a restaurant and I would even just go for some ice cream or a coffee and walk around. SO MANY PHOTO OPS. Wrote a whole Instagram post with more photos HERE!

SLO Brew: for brews & bites! They also now have canned wine and their distillery will be opening soon. We had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the space and it’s such a vibe.

Big Sky Cafe: a huge hit for their pozoles!

High St. Deli: for subs!

Scout Coffee: so many people raved about their lattes & pastries!

Firestone Grill: Known for their Tri Tip Sandwich. This was the number one recommendation by far! Having major regrets about not going but this will be my first stop my next trip there for sure.

Luna Red: delicious red sangria and tapas.

Giuseppe's Cucina Rustica: because who doesn’t love Italian food


Downtown SLO Farmer’s Market is definitely one of my highlights! SLO is very into supporting local and it’s truly amazing. The farmer’s market features amazing food from local restaurants, fresh produce, lots of ice cream and dessert, live entertainment & more! We walked around for about an hour before going to dinner downtown. It’s the perfect activity for before or after dinner.

Hiking: We didn’t have time to hike but that’s at the top of the list for our next trip. Bishop Peak was definitely the most recommended. If you’re staying at the Madonna Inn, the M Trail is a great option. It’s one of the shorter hikes and can easily be accessed from the hotel. Find more hiking options here!