Sweat in SD x MINDBODY Tone-Ga Event @ Yoga Box

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Sweat in SD x MINDBODY Tone-Ga Event @ Yoga Box


*** Please read full instructions below on how to sign up. Purchasing a ticket on this page does not save you a spot***

***Due to limited space, there is a strict no show policy- if you end up signing up and not showing, you’ll, unfortunately, be restricted from attending future free Sweat in SD events. Please, cancel within 48 hours of the event***

Join Sweat in SD and MINDBODY for Tone-Ga class at Yoga Box

TONE-GA: Discover the Yoga Box “Tone-Ga” Method!

Tone-Ga is a Yoga Sculpt and Power Flow fusion.

BREAKDOWN: 10 minutes of warming, opening the body, and building internal heat through preparatory postures and movements. 40 minutes of a physical and strength training vinyasa flow packed with toning drills and isometric movements. 10 minutes of cool-down postures and stretches to compliment and restore your body from your practice.

This class is set to deep, beat-driven music to fuel your practice!

The temperature is set between 94 - 96 degrees Fahrenheit

Date: May 11th

Time: 10:30AM- 11:30AM

Location: Yoga Box, 909 Grand Avenue, Pacific Beach 92109

Event ticket includes: yoga class and a fully loaded swag bag for everyone attending!

How to sign up:

Download the MINDBODY app on your phone

Click this link on the mobile device where the app is downloaded on : https://get.mndbdy.ly/MIpUMg0b6V

Link will direct you to the app to sign up

Special thank you to all of our sponsors for making this event extra special!




Motion Matcha


SimplyWorkout (use the code SWEATINSD for 20% off)

Sufferfest Beer


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