I guess when you wear a bag everyday and choose it over all of your designer bags, it’s a huge sign that everyone needs it in their life. MZ Wallace has been a fave for years now. My mother and I both have an obsession with it and that’s all we wear now! It’s the perfect everyday bag + travel bag. It’s lightweight and verstile. It’s also foldable, rollable, and packable so they won’t ever lose their shape. They can also be folded into their detachable pouches so you can store and literally take up no space. I use it for work, the gym, traveling, as a makeup bag, toiletry bag, and just everyday bag. It’s literally the bag that’s always attached to me.

Ok, let’s talk sizes. I currently have 6 MZ Wallace bags and each play their own role. I’ll also share which one is a MUST so don’t worry, you won’t have to buy 6 if you don’t want to ;)


My ultimate go-to is the Medium Metro Tote. EVERYONE needs it in their life. It’s my everyday bag and something I use for work, the gym, and just to roam around with. It fits everything you could want but doesn’t look bulky when you just have a few items in it. I have the black and Paradise Print and love them both. Black is definitely more practical and is the one I wear everyday but the Paradise Print is perfect for summer time or when you’re looking for more color. Trust me, you need this bag.

I use the Large Metro Tote as my travel bag. Perfect as a weekend bag + a carry on when I travel for a longer stay. It has several small and large pockets plus comes with a small pouch inside which I like to use for my tea bags, collagen pouches, etc. Again, it’s a big bag and can fit a lot of stuff but when empty, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is very lightweight so it doesn’t add to the weight when you’re traveling.


My biggest struggle has been finding a make up bag & toiletry bag that either doesn’t rip after several uses + actually fits a lot in it without looking like it has a lot of stuff in it, ya know? I’ve switched my makeup bag to MZ Wallace’s cosmetic bag over a year ago and it’s perfect! I’m not a huge make up person so I don’t have a bunch of stuff but I’m still a product junkie so trust me when I say it’s the perfect makeup bag to travel with.

If you can’t tell I’m obsessed with their Metro collection. They have a size for everything and the Metro Pouch can even be used as a clutch! This is the bag I use for my toiletries. It fits a lot and by a lot I mean I have my whole skincare routine for day and night in there and I still have room for more. + if anything spills in the bag it’s super easy to clean and dries very quickly. May or may not be the victim of a spilled skincare product.

My most recent purchase was the computer case + it’s leopard so I’m really in love! I’m pretty practical with my accessories and usually go with neutrals but I allow myself to get a little crazy sometimes especially with this brand. This case is SO cute & I feel my computer is very safe in it. You can shop the 13” here & the 15” here!

What’s On My MZ Wallace Wishlist

They just released two new prints and I’m OBSESSED! The Festival Print is tie dye heaven and it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in a bag. The Charter Print has nautical vibes and I’m very into it! Going to order one but I can’t choose which print. Which would you choose?!

I’ll link everything below as well but here’s a few sites that carry their collection so you can see why I’m SO obsessed! They all have prints that are exclusive to their site so be sure to check out all. Choosing a print is probably the hardest part!

MZ Wallace



You can also find some preowned steals on the The Real Real




Coachella 2019! That’s a wrap. Such an amazing experience! Planning Coachella is pretty crazy. From literally buying tickets a year before the festival to booking a house like 8 months before because they sell out so fast. You honestly totally forget about it till it’s 3 months away.

So, we “waited on line” to buy the tickets and rented the perfect house for the weekend. The rest figured itself out. Such an incredible weekend! Waking up and walking to the backyard to lay by the pool and chill before the Coachella Chaos. We had the best of both worlds and loved every second of it. This is the airbnb we stayed at for the weekend & you can get $40 off your first stay here.

Okay, so planning out the outfits was even more chaotic, haha. I wanted the Coachella vibes but still wanted to be semi comfy but still wanted to bring out my style. Also, being petite made it even harder to find clothes that fit. Well, about a month and half of trying basically 283744 outfits, I finally found the perfect outfits for my first year at Coachella.

Below, I put together a little round of of my favorite looks I wore to not only the festival but also some more everyday looks I wore around during our trip!

Snapseed 3.jpg

This first look was the pre Coachella look while we were laying by the pool. I paired a bandana top (yes, it’s a bandana!) with a pair of high waisted bathing suits threw a hat on and I was all set. I ended up just throwing a fringe skirt and belt bag over the high waisted bikini bottoms for the festival and left the hat at home for day 2.

Top I Bikini Bottoms I Hat I Skirt I Skirt Option 2 I Belt Bag I Booties

Snapseed 2.jpg

Day two’s outfit was probably my favorite since it was the most me. It had some Coachella vibes and some of my own vibes. Honestly, I ordered this top a week before my trip after I had all my outfits already planned out. I fell in love and swapped one of my outfits so I can wear it! The long train had me fully obsessed. It’s so cute & I’ll definitely be wearing it again with a pair of denim. I paired this outfit with a pair of white sneakers that I could walk miles in.

Top I Shorts I Kicks I Belt I Hat I Necklaces I Bag


Third day I was all about comfort. After walking miles (or at least it felt that way), I just wanted to throw something cute on and wear a pair of kicks. The second I tried on this denim romper, I fell in love. It fit perfectly and something I can wear over and over again. Clear bags are VERY in right now and I was so excited to find this bad boy. Throw a head scarf on and you’re Coachella ready.

Romper I Head Scarf I Shoulder Bag I Kicks I Sunglasses I Hoops I Necklaces

Another pre Coachella outfit. Super easy & super comfy. If you can’t tell, my goal is to find the comfiest stuff when I know I’ll either be walking all day or in 100 degree weather. This Tee is the softest tee in the game paired with my fave shorts. Another head scarf moment with this chic wooden bag.

T Shirt I Shorts I Kicks I Head Scarf I Bag

Okay, favorite photo of the weekend?! I think so! Cutest little one piece ever! Paired with heart sunnies to make it even cuter.

Swimsuit I Sunglasses I Hat I Bag

Till next year, Coachella!

Xx, Arielle