The Power of SHE

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Let’s take a moment for all the girl bosses out there who have empowered and motivated us to push past our limits. Here’s to overcoming and exceeding every challenge we may encounter and to everyone who has helped us along the way.


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Hi everyone! Meet Lauren, friend & boss babe. Lauren and I recently took a mid day break to take a boxing class at The Boxing Club in Downtown San Diego. Lauren recently had a few surgeries and was finally fully recovered and ready to workout again. I was coming off of a shoulder injury from a past boxing class. So the class was definitely going to be challenging for both of us.

We arrived at the studio ready to fight with our Athleta Contender tights on. They’re the perfect tights for a high impact workout, like boxing. They keep you cool throughout your workout and also have a bunch of pockets for your phone, keys, whatever! They also come in the perfect colors for Spring. Obsessed with the yellow & purple!

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The class started with some technique practice. Jason, who instructed our class, did such a great job teaching us some basic techniques, we felt ready to take it to the rink and really start the class. The rink had a chandelier right above it, which made us feel super glam during such a tough workout, haha.

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Lauren and I took turns throwing punches and then we got really into it. If you’ve ever taken boxing, you know, it’s very invigorating to throw a punch. You feel a huge sense of relief. It was one of the most stress relieving workouts ever. At the exact same time, it’s also one of the toughest workouts ever. It takes a lot out of you. Both of our energy really enhanced the class and helped us get through the class together. Having Lauren there, taking the class with me, made me so much more motivated to finish the class strong. She played a huge roll in motivating me to accomplish my fitness goals. So thank you, Lauren.

We all should surround ourselves with people who empower us. Whether it’s for our fitness goals, or just life goals in general. There are others, like Lauren, who have the power to motivate us to our surpass our goals and get through basically, anything. We become stronger by pushing ourselves and each other. Sometimes we all just need a little help from a friend.

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